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“I’m just here to add a little color to tha canvas.” INQUIRING MINDS WANNA KNOW
“I’m just here to add a little color to tha canvas.”
July 04, 2021

Let's keep it 100, Art today is defined by its relationship to money as never before. Prices have been driven to unprecedented heights, conventional boundaries within the art world have collapsed, and artists think ever more strategically about how to advance their careers. Art is no longer simply made, but packaged, sold, and branded. But, how the rise of the digital technology and online market will influence this controversial relationship between art and money? It’s impossible to fully understand the dynamics of contemporary art market and its relationship with the global financial market without examining the new trends on the online art sales platforms. (found this statement online, found it to be so true)

Giving you urban art my way. I'm always learning that there are SO MANY ways to create art content about your artwork… you just have to find the ones that make you feel good to post on, start with 2 platforms and go on from there.

Just like seven streams of income (that a topic we save for another blog lol) I have 7 social media platforms that i like posting to IG, TWIITTER, YOU TUBE, HAPPS, CLUBHOUSE, my weekly Sunday's BLOG & soon TICTOK

  • Blog post with a how to tutorial and list of craft supplies
  • YouTube video showing your process
  • Email blast to your list talking about what you are making and how they can do it too!
  • Instagram post with a picture of your artwork (link to your Shopify storefront in your profile)
  • Happs TV live streaming your artwork and how you do it
  • Twitter tweet with a picture and your links
  • TicTok pin to your blog post or video

Functionally you want to show how you do your artwork and then share the tools and supplies that you use.

Each piece of content you make has the chance to reach someone who would want to buy products that they could use to make art like yours!

Much Respect & Happiness